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  • Microsoft and The Future Project reward young entrepreneurs at the Accelerate Labs Demo Day in Lagos

    Microsoft Nigeria, in partnership with The Future Project, rewarded budding Nigerian entrepreneurs at the Demo Day held in Lagos on Saturday, 3 February 2018, as participants in the initiative were provided opportunities to pitch their ideas and business projects to business executives and officials at the event. With over 150 participants registered for the first stream in Lagos, young entrepreneurs were selected through intensive screenings and training on client relations, funding proposals, pitch presentations, as the top three businesses on the Demo Day were presented with cash rewards, even as the young entrepreneurs will be provided with funding and technological support by Microsoft. Giving his keynote speech, Alex Yangs, the chief executive officer of RED, emphasized the importance of clarity and goal-oriented businesses, which are necessary for building socially-responsible and sustainable enterprises. “Accelerate Labs, especially the Demo Day, is a journey of clarity for all the participants across Nigeria. More importantly, lots of businesses and ideas do not need money but clarity at the initial stage, so this initiative provides an immense platform to introduce the experience of established entrepreneurs and mentors from major sectors of the economy,” he explained. Speaking with participants at the event, the Country General Manager, Akin Banuso promised that Microsoft will continue to support the initiative, as the young participants represent both the present and the future of the country. “Many young Nigerians are innovative and enterprising, with new ideas consistently generated in different areas of the country. Microsoft understands that businesses can never be without risk, so we will keep supporting them through consistent investor engagement and providing them with the necessary tools to build successful businesses,” he said. The Microsoft executive also stated that Nigeria needs new ways of solving problems, and its youths are creators and entrepreneurs that can offer sustainable solutions to socio-economic problems due to their passion and commitment. With over 2,160 businesses to supported through the initiative, training for participants in the second stream is set to be launched across Nigeria in February.

    The 12th edition of The Future Awards 2017 held December 9, 2017, at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos. With the mandate to celebrate and accelerate innovation among young Nigerians aged 18 – 31, TFAA acknowledges inspiring young people making a difference through social enterprise, social good, and creativity. The hosts for the night were Adekunle Gold and Mimi Onalaja and, the keynote speech was given by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. See the full list below: THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Olamide Bada (29) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR COMEDY Otolorin Kehinde ‘Kenny Blaq’ Peter (25) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR ART & CULTURE Ayobami Adebayo (29) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR EDUCATION; ENDOWED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX Samson Abioye (late)/ Oluyemi Oluwaseun Imole / Akanji Abayomi Gideon (26/29/23) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR JOURNALISM Winner: Eromo Egbejule (27) THE EDWIN GEORGE PRIZE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY Winner: Yagazie Eguare (30) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR ADVOCACY Winner: Ayodeji Osowobi (27) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR NEW MEDIA Winner: Femi ‘Kraks’ Bakre (24) FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR ACTING Winner: Sambasa Nzeribe (29) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE IN PUBLIC SERVICE Winner: Dada Olabisi Mary (29) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR TECHNOLOGY Winner: Chris Kwekowe (24) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR AGRICULTURE Winner: Adetola Adeleke (31) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR BEAUTY Winner: Anita ‘Brows’ Adetoye (26) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR FASHION AND DESIGN Winner: Bisola ‘Ladybiba’ Adeniyi (25) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR MEDIA ENTERPRISE Winner: Timilehin Bello (25) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE IN SPORTS Winner: Anthony Joshua (28) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR ON AIR PERSONALITY (VISUAL) Winner: Nancy Isime (25) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR ON AIR PERSONALITY (AUDIO) Winner: Tisan Jeremiah Bako (31) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR MUSIC Winner: Davido (25) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR BUSINESS Winner: Bisola Borha (31) THE FUTURE AWARDS AFRICA PRIZE FOR YOUNG PERSON OF THE YEAR Winner: Ayodeji ‘Wizkid’ Balogun (27) Follow @tfaafrica on Twitter

    Africa’s biggest awards event, The Future Awards Africa (TFAA), is set to unveil the nominees for its 12th edition this Sunday, 19 November 2017.

    Hosted by two of Nigeria’s media personalities, Arthur Ngwube of Rhythm FM and Tallulah Doherty of EbonyLife TV, the unveiling will be televised on Channels TV at 3 p.m.

    Representing the best of Africa’s talents, these inspiring hosts are the promising narrative of the continent in media and entertainment.

    Themed ‘Nigeria’s New Tribe’, the edition of the awards is to celebrate young people making a difference through social enterprise, social good, and innovation, united by the possibilities of their talent, commitment to hard work and driven by achievement in impacting the economy.

    Come Sunday afternoon, we are eagerly waiting to meet Nigeria’s New Tribe!

    Follow @TFAAfrica to keep up with the latest news on TFAA. The official hashtags for 2017 are #NigeriasNewTribe and #TFAA2017.

  • 5+1 things to do to avoid losing your job

    From my experience over the years as a project manager with focus on employability, I have come to realize that a larger percentage of job seekers are so desperate to get a means of livelihood which has made several of them make wrong career choices. They lack the needed skills and interest to do the job satisfactorily and end up getting fired. Am I saying you should only get a job you have experience or interest in? Hell NO! but in order to remain relevant in whatever industry of your choice, aside from your degree, you must be ready to do the following: Ready to learn, unlearn and relearn; Futurist and philosopher Alvin Toffler once wrote: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” whether you are entering a new or familiar industry, you must be ready to unlearn some things you think you know and be ready to relearn- no one is an island of knowledge. Cooperate cultures are different; therefore, you must be able to learn how things work in the firm you find yourself so you will not be a clog on the firm’s wheel of progress. Be ready to ask for help: Your employer does not expect you to know all, therefore when you encounter challenges, don’t find it difficult to escalate issues to your seniors. Its better your employer is aware of your challenges instead of you keeping quiet and letting them assume that all is well. Do not be in a haste to impress your boss: Avoid unhealthy competition, you are not in a race with anyone, avoid the temptation to try to outshine your team members. Trust me no one can take your shine, as long as you are hardworking and passionate with what you do, you will be rewarded accordingly. Learn to match your skills with speed: it’s OK to be skilled, but in a fast pace society we are, you have to learn not to only be skillful in what you do but you must be able to match relevant skills with appropriate speed in delivering in all duties assigned to you. Your attitude means a lot: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference- Winston S. Churchill I can’t help but emphasize on the importance of attitude to work and life generally, it has a way of determining how long you will last on that job be cautious of the vibes and body language you emit to people around you, they are taking note and it can either stand against you or for you. Be ready to work as a team: “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” –Andrew Carnegie Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. don’t ever think you can do it alone, no one was born an island. learn to collaborate with your team members on all task because if a member of your team fails, then you have all failed. If you take heed to these tips; I bet, you’ll have a fantastic job experience. ————– Thanks for reading this far, please let know if you think there are other tips that works as well.
  • 4 ways to make the most of your startup Accelerator Program

    Getting into an accelerator program can change the growth trajectory of your startup. Although they’re often presented as educational environments, you’ll find most programs are largely self-directed. Here’s how to make the most of your accelerator: Engage Peers as Customers Why: The companies in your class are a great source of feedback for your early product and very often will become your first customers. Even if you’re focused on selling to large enterprises, your peers can connect you to target companies. How: Make friends with other founders at orientation, be outgoing and welcoming in the group sessions. Ask about their product and offer feedback. Be willing to test demos or even trial your classmates’ software, if you have a potential use case. It won’t be long before they ask if they can help you. Find your Mentors Why: Most programs will have 10+ partners, mentors, or advisors whom you can regularly access for help. Building good relationships with a few of them can result in more help, and more opportunities. How: Try to meet as many of the mentors as you can in the early part of the program — targeting those with relevant expertise. Schedule office hours to go over your startup’s current problems. You’re looking for the people who are both helpful and a good personality match with you (which won’t usually be everyone). Show Up Why: The program’s curriculum and guest speakers can help you avoid the most common early stage pitfalls, but you will not learn what to avoid, if you don’t attend the events. You also miss the chance to meet and potentially build valuable relationships with the speakers, many of whom could be your future investors. How: “Start strong with full attendance at orientation and early social events. Always attend the core sessions, which are usually every week or two”, said Jeffrey Okolo. Don’t be afraid to ask if optional sessions are right for you — the partners are there to answer your questions. Fundraise on Demo Day Why: Demo days drive a large amount of investor interest and healthy competition from investors. The average startup can expect ~30 meetings from a demo day. This huge fundraising head start is almost impossible to replicate on your own. How: Don’t spend all your time fundraising during the beginning weeks of the program, it’s a distraction and often fails when you have minimal traction. Instead, plan with your team and mentors in advance, so you’re demonstrating increasing strength in the run up to Demo Day. This is when most investors will want to meet. Accelerator programs are very short in comparison to the lifespan of your startup. Plan ahead and engage the resources offered to ensure your company gets the maximum benefit from the program. Demo day will come quickly; make sure you’re ready.
  • The Future Awards Africa launches Nigeria’s New Tribe campaign; Calls for Nominations

    The Future Awards Africa, Nigeria’s foremost Awards event, today announced its call for nomination of young Africans with outstanding achievements in 2017. Themed ‘Nigeria’s New Tribe’, this year’s edition seeks to acknowledge inspiring young people making a difference through social enterprise, social good, and innovation. Beyond tribal lines, tunic differences and religious affiliations, they are united by the possibilities of their talent, commitment to hardwork and driven by achievement in impacting the economy, society and rewriting the African narrative. In the last twelve years, the Awards have been a catalyst towards building a new tribe of citizens who are bound by their potentials, relentless hard work and united by their soaring achievements. With the first franchise set to be unveiled in Ghana, the awards will find young Africans who understand that the future can only be shaped by ideas and secured by action that seeks to elevate and unify, placing The Future Awards Africa as the ultimate soapbox for their unconventional points of view. Understanding the true value of these innovators, the public can nominate unorthodox persons, community advocates, creators and pioneers from their communities between the ages of 18 – 31 in 21 categories ranging from social activism and business, to media and entertainment. Persons eligible for nomination must have made considerable impact within Nigeria and/or globally within the last year and must have easily accessible documentation of their achievements. The categories for the 2017 TFAA are: The Future Awards Africa Prize for Acting The Future Awards Africa Prize for Fashion and Design The Future Awards Africa Prize for Beauty The Future Awards Africa Prize for Music The Future Awards Africa Prize for Professional Service The Future Awards Africa Prize for Business The Future Awards Africa Prize for Sports University of Sussex & The Future Awards Africa Prize for Education The Future Awards Africa Prize for Technology The Futures Awards and EbonyLife Prize for New Media The Future Awards Africa Prize for Media Enterprise The Future Awards Africa Prize in Public Service The Future Awards Africa Prize for Arts & Culture The Future Awards Africa Prize for Comedy The Future Awards Africa Prize for Advocacy The Future Awards Africa Prize for Agriculture The Edwin George Prize for Photography The Futures Awards and EbonyLife Prize for Journalism The Future Awards and EbonyLife Prize for On Air Personality (visual) The Future Awards and EbonyLife Prize for On Air Personality (audio) The Future Awards Africa Prize for Young Person of the Year Follow @TFAAfrica to keep up with the latest news on TFAA. The official hashtags for 2017 are #NigeriasNewTribe and #TFAA2017.
  • Winner of The Future Awards Africa 2013 Prize for Arts &Culture; Kenneth Gyang releases new movie

    Kenneth Gyang’s “The Lost Cafe” is an uplifting story about a girl’s decision to rise above dark family secrets and culture shock to live her dreams abroad, finding the most unusual answers to her troubling questions somewhere in Drammen where she meets the half blind, strange owner of a quaint coffee shop that serves the best coffee in the world. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker and TFAA 2013 Winner for Arts &Culture; Kenneth Gyang for Peridot and Cinema Kpatakpata. Kenneth Gyang is a writer and director that has been working in film and television since 2006 having graduated from the National Film Institute in Jos; notable projects in television included working as a director for the BBC’s Wetin Dey and SoundCity’s Finding Aisha. In 2010, he was listed by the popular Nigerian youth culture magazine, Y!magazine, as one of 50 people under the age of 35 that will change Nigeria.
  • TFESS Ibadan 5-day Graphics Design Workshop: Register Now!

    The Future Enterprise Support Scheme (TFESS) in partnership with FourthCanvas Inc, brings again the 5-day graphics design training in Ibadan intended to equip young individuals who want to take a bold step into the world of graphics. This follows the requests from the public to bring the training to Ibadan. Do you see yourself working in the visual arts industry and want the chance to meet with like-minded students and develop your craft? This is for you. This workshop is an introduction to the field of Graphic Design where participants will be taught about what it takes to be a good designer and how you can make a career in this field. It is common knowledge that there are very limited jobs with stiff competition, so engaging yourself in our 5-day practical trainings will help set you apart from others and provide you with means of becoming employers of labour. The workshop is designed for those willing to learn graphics as a beginner or wish to improve on their existing skill. It will be an interactive session with practical session where each participant will have hands on exercises with the facilitator. Curriculum include: Starterpack of tomorrow’s design pro, Choosing &mastering your design software(s), The art & craft of brand identity design, The design process- a case study, Guideline rules to achieving clean & good designs, Using typography & colours to convey emotion, Understanding your role as a designer. Experts from our faculty who will facilitate this workshop include: Victor Fatanmi (Art Director, Fourth Canvas Inc), Steve Dubs (Creative Designer, SA.DUBS) and more. Limited seats available. Register now to confirm your interest. Intending participants are expected to come along with a laptop and writing materials. Date: November 13-17, 2017. Location: Ibadan, Nigeria. For more information, call Jeffrey Okolo on 08022226712 or mail [email protected] with subject as Graphics Design Workshop. Registration ends on November 12, 2017.

    The opening sessions for Accelerate Labs, an initiative by The Future Project in partnership with Microsoft Nigeria to galvanise and boost youth entrepreneurship in Nigeria, was held across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria from 18 – 28, September 2017. Starting the eleven-week accelerator program for stream 1, 2017 at different zones in Abuja (North Central), Bauchi (North-East), Kaduna (North-West), Edo (South-South), Anambra (South-East) and Lagos (South-West), the events had in attendance industry leaders including Professor Adesoji Adesugba, Vice-President, ICT Abuja Chamber of Commerce; Bishop Feb Idahosa, President, Ben Idahosa University; Mr Femi Oye, Co-founder, SME Funds, among others. “About 3,987 applications were received for the first stream of the sessions, with 150 participants selected per zone through our SME jury. We are excited to be part of their success stories and look forward to working with them to build competitive and viable businesses,” said Bukonla Adebakin, Deputy Chief Operating Officer. “This can fundamentally change the lives of many youth and reduce unemployment in the country as we gear towards entrepreneurship and drive inclusive economic growth and development.” The opening session in the six geopolitical zones concluded with the commencement of the 3 weeks taught session, mentorship, research classes and demo week for all participants of the Accelerate Labs project across regions. “Microsoft Nigeria is proud to support this important initiative that brings together a diverse group of youth entrepreneurs entering the accelerator program,” said Olusola Amusan, Philanthropies Lead, Microsoft Nigeria. “Entrepreneurship has always played a critical role in the development of countries and reduction of unemployment, we believe at the end of this program a significant positive impact will be made in our economy,” he added. Photos from the opening sessions are below:
  • YMonitor partners EIE, Budgit on the Office of The Citizen Radio show on Nigeria Info FM

    YMonitor now features on the Office of the Citizens Radio program on Nigeria Info Fm alongside other partners such as Budgit and EIE. OOTC radio show for Lagos comes up every Wednesday, 8am to 9am, on Nigeria Info FM 99.3 The topic of discourse on the show this Wednesday, October 11, 2017 is “What does LG financial autonomy mean for Citizens? The guest speaker is a former sole Administrator for Badagry East LCDA, Mr Nuatin Genesis. This will be discussed against the back ground of the ongoing constitutional amendment that calls for separate LG account as against the joint account system that is originally in the constitution. About YMonitor: YMonitor tracks and monitor issues happening across government level and provides citizens with information needed to take action towards demanding good governance at all level of government. The project is aimed at strengthening government transparency and accountability. For more information, kindly visit and visit our twitter page @Y_monitor .