The Future Project

– Benjamin Eloke

Benin City, Edo State

I registered for the Port Harcourt #Code2Earn since it was close to my state, initially I had no basic knowledge of coding and also with the belief that coding was difficult, I was quite scared. But with #Code2earn training I was able to execute to start the project I had always dreamed of.I came up with an idea on the first day of the training about an App that could be used to connect students in

I came up with an idea on the first day of the training about an App that could be used to connect students in tertiary institution all around Nigeria and on the second day we began implementation and work on the Mobile App.
With the tools and skills learnt from the #Code2Earn training in Port Harcourt using Intel XDK.

The app ‘campushub’ turned out to be a success. It has been launched and is currently running on play store with lots of downloads and users presently. I am very happy.

– Olorunleke Opeyemi

Ibadan, Oyo State

It was an exciting moment at the #Code2Earn Ogbomosho training. I was introduced to computer programming and I earned skills on mobile application development using the Intel XDK. I was able to discover new ways to develop ideas into products and build great solutions for my community.
At the training, we were given hands on experience in HTML5 and JavaScript using the Intel XDK to build prototype mobile applications for cross platform operation systems e.g Android, Windows and iOS.
I was able to successfully build an app – Imei Generator after participating in #Code2Earn Ogbomosho,I earlier had an idea but lacked the necessary skills to turn the idea into a well-developed product. I earlier thought coding was a complicated subject. I got motivated and inspired by the scopes and methods used in intel xdk to develop mobile applications during the code2earn training sessions.
After 2 days intensive training with other participants, I became familiar with HTML5 technologies and the Intel XDK platform and decided to build an app based on my initial idea.
Currently, I built an app called “IMEI generator” which generates cross platforms. IMEI has successfully undergone testing in several smart phones and has been uploaded in various stores to be downloaded for use including the Google Play Store and am making money now that is helping me in my other projects.

– Jolade Adeyeye

Beneficiary, Basic ICT Ogbomosho

I got a hint of the basic ICT training by Aiki via a broadcast message on blackberry messenger, fortunately I had time to spare and a renewal of my knowledge on the basic Microsoft office tools felt like an added advantage as I’m just venturing into the labour market as a new graduate. I enjoyed excel and power point session. Few weeks after the training came my final first degree project defence, I was able to use the Microsoft PowerPoint effortlessly. I was also able to come up with a good resume with the help of Microsoft word.

– Abraham Okoedoh

Beneficiary, Basic ICT Ogbomosho

The training was educating as it expanded my horizon regarding the basic office packages, and also how I can leverage on the internet to help my career and academics. I also liked the fact that there were support instructors besides the facilitator that was in the hall to put some of the participants through during the excel training.

– Onajin Olutobi

Beneficiary, Small Medium Enterprise Clinic #SMECLINIC

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to The Future Project and the opportunity to attend this training.

It was also through the organisations nomination I was able to attend the Africa Business Conference at LBS.

Both trainings provided tremendous personal development and networking opportunities for me. I am most delighted of your organisation’s sworn mission to build a network of empowered citizens who can transform system and societies through leadership and enterprise.

– Omotola Adesanyai

I really enjoyed the training. I am student of economics but I have been looking forward to learn basic skills on coding to be able to deploy web solution for one of my ideas and also develop a mobile app in the process. When i saw the publicity, i was excited and i registered for the training. I was able to develop my first app and website using HTML 5.

– NgozI Nnekwezu

I have always wanted to take classes in P.M.P, but the Aiki portal has afforded me this opportunity at my convenience, the ease of access is impeccable and so is its usage. Now i can say i have a diploma in project management and also the credibility to further develop this and pursue my dream

– Ikechukwu Ikega

The Aiki employability portal is rather engaging, I took particular interest in the English test and too think i underestimated its sophistication. Its more than imagined. I know what my proficiency in English language thanks to Aiki

– Nonye Okolie

Building a resume that is of global standard seemed like an impossible task on until i discovered the Aiki portal, It has helped to understand the basis upon which resumes are built and i have enjoued increased feedback from the applications i have sent out

– Christopher N. Morris, Head of Strategy, Bravehearts Entertainment

I attended #SURULERESTARTUPS because of the solid track record of the organisers. It was yet another opportunity to take advantage of life enhancing training from them. I had earlier participated in previous trainings from the organisers such as

  • Picture-perfect (Intensive Training for TV Presenters & Actors by The Future Project)
  • Young Writers Network (THE FUTURE PROJECT)

#SurulereStartUps was a melting point of the knowledge garnered through the years I have tagged along with their several Projects/Event. Listening to ChudeJideonwo, at different sessions, I realised that to become successful in the business world the following needs to be nurtured:

i. Risk Taking and Management

ii. Making business decisions based on sentiment can adversely affect your business.

iii. Don’t compromise salaries of staff for anything

iv. For every decision you take as a business owner, the bottomline (profitability) of the business is ultimate.

I particularly benefited from the networking platform as well as the session where facilitators from REGCHARLES FINANCE & CAPITAL discussed business plans and financing. The emerging entrepreneurs had quality time to Hack businesses at different times with practical solutions that could work in this terrain proffered.

– Oluwamuyiwa Adeyemi

I recently attended #SURULERESTARTUPS and would gladly admit that the scope and variety of issues discussed were very key and useful for startups& growing businesses. The rich content in the presentations reflected the experienced and knowledgeable

individuals on the panel, all of whom were young and successful. They were very open and helpful in their conversations with the participants. Thank you to all concerned for their time and effort. I think many of us benefited from the event.

– Timi Adebayo

#Surulerestartups has expanded my horizon and thoughts on how to avoid and cope with teething problems,aspiring entrepreneurs make. It was a wonderful, informative and motivating platform that was well structured, planned and focused. I found the contents practical and easy-to-follow, as well as very useful for my business and growth as an entrepreneur. Kudos!!!

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